Monday, February 27, 2012


No full face tonight.  I'm in a wee bit of pain, I'm exhausted, and I'm not feeling it.  Can you guess what I did after work?

Today's outfit is very, very specific.  I recently decided (like, on Sunday afternoon) to wear a different pair of boots every day until I've worn them all.  And also, wear all my skirts.  And also, also, wear those items that don't get much play in my daily outfits.

The moto jacket is awesome and gorgeous, and yet I don't wear it that often.  Because... I don't know.  And I haven't worn my olive green button wool skirt all winter.  Sigh.  Closet Fail!

Still can't tell what I did after work?  Here's a clue:

You got it - I donated blood.  And my vein did NOT want to cooperate, meaning I am bruised and achy.  And tired.  And my tummy is acting up (unrelated to the donation).  Somebody call the Waaaaaahmbulance.  I need a ride.

Purposeful Outfit #1:
Light grey moto jacket, gift from my StepMom
Black turtleneck tunic, Target
Olive green skirt, uber-sale at Banana Republic
Black leggings, Old Navy
Black vintage boots, my Gramma Mac's.
Gold hoops, Target
Kick-ass cape-coat in the background, faux-Target


  1. Well, you look great, Erin! I love the moto jacket - the colour seems like it would be really versatile.

    I admire that you're making an effort to wear all the unworn clothes in your closet - well done!

    And good on you for giving blood. I try to donate whenever I can.

  2. I love that jacket! And way to go on shopping your own closet, I'm working on that too.

    You're braver than I on the blood donation - I can't do it, my veins collapse and it's not pretty. I'm definitely in awe of those who can do it!

  3. Adorable jacket. Also hooray for wearing everything challenge! I'm trying to do that more often.

    Eep! Blood donation. I can't even give blood when they need it for tests. My veins shrink, and I have a panic attack. Blood stays in mah body plz. Though kudos to those who can do it.