Sunday, February 19, 2012

My New Favorite Sport

And no, it's not shopping.  My latest obsession*?  Lacrosse, baby!  This may be the GREATEST SPORT YOU AREN'T WATCHING.  I went to my first MN Swarm Lacrosse game last night, and it combined dancing at a club, cheering (one of my favorite activities), aerobics, and grown men smacking each other upside the head with sticks.

I LOVED IT.  If you have a lacrosse team in your home town, I strongly recommend attending a game.  And if you're checking out a cool new sport, you should dress appropriately.  Here's what I wore:

Stripes!  To go with the bee theme of the Swarm's uniform.  And boots!  Because the arena is cold, peeps.

Although I like my outfit, it had a slight problem:

Wearing stripes around one's bum and hips make them look larger, no?  Ah well, I was comfy:

And comfort at a sporting event is key.  So is wearing a bad ass ring:

I'll give two points to the reader who knows what movie that ring is from!

The Swarm Outfit:
Faux-leather moto jacket, faux-Target aka the Salvation Army in downtown Mpls
Striped t-shirt, Express
Skinny jeans, Calvin Klein by way of a Macy's sale
Black three-buckle flat boots, Macy's sale
Ring, movie swag from my old video job

*Also!  Name the movie that phrase, latest obsession, is from!  You'll win 200 points!  For... nothing!


  1. Ring: The Phantom? (I could use two points for no other reason than to add them to my other imaginary points.)

  2. Fantastic! Could you please show some pictures with this outfit coupled with the black leather faux Frye boots? That would be the perfect outfit...