Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Large Untruth

This outfit is a lie, the sun is a lie and my happy face in this photo is the biggest lie of all...

Don't I look all cheerful and healthy and put together?  And doesn't that lovely sunlight make you think it's warm and lovely where I live?  LIES.  Because this is how I've really felt this week: 

This is how I really feel.  I have a massive head cold AGAIN, and I have NO TIME TO BE SICK.  I have work to work on, costumes to sew on, and chores to chore on.  At least I look okay, right?  And I looked nice for the full 4 hours I wore this, before stripping down to my jammies and hopping back in bed.

Outfit of Untruths:
Navy blue cardigan and tank top, Ann Taylor via a gift from my StepMom
White jeans, Tommy Bahama
Tan shoes, Stuart Weisman (sp?) via Optiz Outlet.
Silver cuff, one of those pop-up accessory shopping events

And just for you?  A "stuff shot", ala Sheila :)


  1. Ha! I love the "stuff" shot.

    I know how you feel - I've been faking it all week. Now I need WINE.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and, wow!, you've got style. Great clothing choices, nicely presented. And you're fortunate to have abundant natural beauty as your foundation.

    Is your reference to Sheila from Ephemera? (That's my guess.) If so, smart move. Her outfit posts are the best in the West.