Monday, September 12, 2011

Alive And Dressing

Yup.  I'm still here.  And still wearing clothes.  Like you do.

See?  Clothes.  Bright ones, at that.  For a girl in love with black, this is quite a departure for me.

In fact, my clothes were so bright, I had to wear shades.  But not a smile, because the day I wore this outfit, I was being KILLED by my allergies.  I have them under control now, but they still suck the life out of me.

My Grumpy Duds:
Sunglasses, some street vendor selling "Prada"
Silver hoops, Tommy Bahama
Silver necklace, Savers Thrift Store
Blue t-shirt, Target (LOVE this style o' tee)
White jeans, Tommy Bahama
Nude shoes, Opitz Outlet

And yes, I wore white after Labor Day.  I am a rebel like that.


  1. You look great in bright blue! Allergies suck. Mine killed me over the weekend. Throat half closed up and everything. This stupid weather is making outside = danger!

  2. Super cute pants, you rebel, rebel! I totally rocked white after labor day too. Ugh, I feel you on the allergies... I bike through FIELDS of ragweed on my way to work and then I just die all day long.