Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Kind Of Like Clothing

Well my friends, I'm outta here.  Out of MN, that is.  Me and the Posse are heading to the wilds of Kenosha to bust a move at the Bristol Ren Faire.  This Saturday is their annual Day Of Wrong.  Here is a idea of what I'll be wearing:

My Fishing Opener Courtesan costume.  In this picture, it's about halfway finished - since then I've lengthened the bloomers, hemmed the dress, did a bunch of handstiching, added clasps in the front, grommeted the inside and put in the sleeves (actually, my bestie, Laura, put in the sleeves.  I hate doing that.).  I also decorated my hat and shoes and made straps to afix a Billy the Big Mouth Bass to my back.

Go big or go home.  It's not just my motto, it's a way of life.

On Sunday, I'll be cooling off in my belly-dancing gear:

I made that jingle bra out of 6 yards of trim.  Hand-stitched.  SIX FREAKING YARDS OF IT.  But look, it's so shiny!  The collared vest worn over it prevents me from feeling too naked.  Plus, it's made of my all-time favorite fabric:

Bad-ass chasuble fabric!  Like the Pope wears!

Please excuse the straps hanging down in the back.  I fixed them so they fit correctly, with no dangly bits.

So.  What are YOU wearing this weekend?


  1. Lol! Fish fabric, I must know the story on that one. The belly dance outfit is gorgeous! I bet it sounds amazing. Somewhere I have a jingle sash that I bought at a Greek festival of all things. I will probably be wearing my white cotton all saints dress to the Art Crawl. I always try to wear something over the top, but it's been so hot, so white+cotton is going to be my best solution for outdoor walking.

  2. Oh, my gosh, I LOVE both of these outfits! I hope you will post some pics of your finished costume from the Ren Faire (I love those!).

    You are smoking hot in that belly-dancing outfit! I am agog that you made all that - well done!