Monday, August 8, 2011

An Actual Outfit

Below is what I wore on the TV last week - Tuesday, perhaps?  You'll probably recognize the dress, as most fashion/style bloggers snatched it up from Target:

It's the Mossimo rayon, faux-wrap dress.  Some ladies (like Kendi) got the solid colored dress.  Some ladies (like Kasmira) bought the yellow print version.  I was happy to snatch it up in the blue print.  So pretty!  So water-color-y!


Dudes, seriously.  This is such a short dress!  It wasn't this short when I bought it - sadly, the washer made it so.  Even though I carefully followed the washing directions on the label, it shrunk a good inch in total length.  Even the waist-line shrunk up from my belly-button up to my natural waist (where I indent on the side).  But I still think it looks okay, yes?

Although it is no longer office appropriate, I still wear it for TV and going out.  Because sometimes?  It's okay to flash a little leg.

The Short Story:
Black 3/4 length cardigan: Marshalls
Dress: Target clearance rack for $17.50
Black strappy shoes:  Nine West from 1995 (seriously.)
Silver tassle necklace:  Garage sale

And I promise, I'll post costume pix from last weekend soon.  Honest!


  1. Cute dress! I don't think it's too short. Maybe for the office, but for everyday it's fine. You could always layer a skirt or slip underneath it! Love the heel on those sandals.

  2. That dress is pretty. I don't think I ever saw it at Target!

  3. I LOVE the 1995 shoes! That's great! And they don't look dated.

    It makes me feel *somewhat* better about holding on to (and occasionally wearing) some giant chunky platform sandals I bought in 2000...though mine *do* look dated.

  4. You look great! I love the (short!) dress on you :)