Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Yes, I DO Like Fishing

The first weekend in August, my friends and I attended the Bristol Renaissance Fair outside of Kenosha, WI.  Every year, we participate in their Day of Wrong, where playtrons dress in their most outlandish, historically inappropriate costumes.  And here is mine - The Fishing Opener:

Sadly, I had epic hair failure and my wee little fishing cap looked weird perched on top of my head.  I also had Billy the Big Mouth Bass failure - his straps broke right before our group photo session.  Ah well - I shall work out those kinks before I wear this to Minnesota's Day of Wrong in October.

I ended up looping my hair into two pigtails, which actually helped frame the hat.  And I found Miller Lite to go in my cozy - so appropriate for Wisconsin, no?

The Fishing Deets:
Style of costume - a mash-up of the Dangerous Beauty-inspired courtesan mixed with the Elizabeth Swan "on the pirate ship" dress from the first Pirates movie.
Bodice pattern - Margo Anderson's Elizabethan bodice.
Sleeves pattern - copied from a Simplicity pattern, I believe
Bloomers pattern - modified pajama pants pattern.  HUGEL.Y modified - we call them my Franken-bloomers.
Skirt - hand pleated!  By me!  I'm very proud.
Tiny hat - Build A Bear at the Mall of America, decorated with fishy buttons and massive hook.
Watery print socks - JoAnn Fabrics
Red "courtesan" shoes - Nine West

I also have a crill, bobbers attached to my shoes (which I stepped on ALL DAY), a toy fishing rod courtesy of my bestie, Laura, a Billy the Big Mouth Bass worn as a backpack (yep, he works, too!), and a fishing cozy for my beer.  My jewelry consists of rubber fishing lure earrings, made by my buddy, Chelsey, and a lovely jade fish necklace (not pictured) that my buddy, Nell, gave me for Christmas.

I hope to see you at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!


  1. Aaaah! It's so wild and fun. You really went the extra mile on the details.

    Also if you make a chained harness - please show me!!

  2. That is freakin' hilarious! Love it!