Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hawt For Cute

The last few days in MN have been ungodly hot and humid.  Like, 81% humidity.  That's FLORIDA conditions, my peeps, and we are not built for it in the land of ice and snow.  However, before our weather went all sideways, I got one last cute outfit in:

 Note my wackadoo hair.  This shot was taken after I had been in the rain for a few hours.  Lovely, cool rain.  Granted, at the time, I was less than thrilled about the weather:

Stupid me.  If I had known what the weather gods had in store for our fair state, I would have embraced the 75 degree rain with both damp arms.  Live and learn, I guess.

Rainy Day Gear:
Black boatneck top, hand-me-down from my bestie, Laura
Black and white patterned stretchy skirt, The Gap from 5 years ago
Black wedges, Michael Michael Kors by way of Savers ($7!!!)
Silver and pearl chain necklace, Savers

The shoes are really the big draw for this outfit.  So cute!  So CHEAP!  So uncomfortable after a few hours... ah well.  You can't have everything!

Yeah, I need a pedicure in the WORST WAY.  Bleah!

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  1. Awesomesauce shoes! Amazing deal on them too. Call 'em 'sitting shoes';D