Monday, August 22, 2011

The Shoes Of Summer

Like the boys of summer!  Except, you know, not at all.  Moving on.

Last summer, I lamented high and low about the lack of cute, comfy sandals for sale.  I searched high and low, but everything I found was a wedge.  I don't like wedges.  I find them difficult to walk in, and I'm already clutzy, so why add to my propensity to fall down?

This summer, I held out little hope that I'd find cute sandals.  And during the spring season, my lack of hope was justified.  In short?  I found nuthin'.

But then!  It seemed that the Shoe Gods heard my prayers and answered them with a ready abundance of pretty, well-priced footwear!  Wanna see them?  SURE YOU DO:

The "gateway" sandals, also know as "the only wedge I like."  I found these at Saver's at the start of the summer - they're Michael Kors!

The freebies.  I received a $25 gift card to Famous Footwear, and bought these Franco Sartos on clearance.

The sandals I didn't take off for weeks.  These Aerosoles were BRAND NEW at ARC Value Village thrift store in Richfield.

(awwww, see my piggie stuffie in the background?!?!)

The shoes that are not black.  I bought these sandals on sale at Target.  I think they have a few pairs left on uber-clearance for $7.

The dream shoes.  These are my first pair of Vince Camutos, bought on extreme clearance at the Macy's One Day sale this last weekend.  I know.  They are similar to the other THREE PAIRS I own.  Whatever.

Bonus Round!  These next shoes are not shoes.  They are boot - but I bought them this summer on eBay.  And Oh. My. GAH.  I love them so hard.

Behold my Durango Bull Rider boots, purchased for a mere $70.  BULL RIDER BOOTS.  I feel so bad ass in them.  Or, at least, I will - once it gets cold enough to wear them.

Do you wanna pair?  Then go here  Note that these are samples, so Durango may not mass produce this style.  Which makes the boots unique, and therefore even MORE PERFECT.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Yes, I DO Like Fishing

The first weekend in August, my friends and I attended the Bristol Renaissance Fair outside of Kenosha, WI.  Every year, we participate in their Day of Wrong, where playtrons dress in their most outlandish, historically inappropriate costumes.  And here is mine - The Fishing Opener:

Sadly, I had epic hair failure and my wee little fishing cap looked weird perched on top of my head.  I also had Billy the Big Mouth Bass failure - his straps broke right before our group photo session.  Ah well - I shall work out those kinks before I wear this to Minnesota's Day of Wrong in October.

I ended up looping my hair into two pigtails, which actually helped frame the hat.  And I found Miller Lite to go in my cozy - so appropriate for Wisconsin, no?

The Fishing Deets:
Style of costume - a mash-up of the Dangerous Beauty-inspired courtesan mixed with the Elizabeth Swan "on the pirate ship" dress from the first Pirates movie.
Bodice pattern - Margo Anderson's Elizabethan bodice.
Sleeves pattern - copied from a Simplicity pattern, I believe
Bloomers pattern - modified pajama pants pattern.  HUGEL.Y modified - we call them my Franken-bloomers.
Skirt - hand pleated!  By me!  I'm very proud.
Tiny hat - Build A Bear at the Mall of America, decorated with fishy buttons and massive hook.
Watery print socks - JoAnn Fabrics
Red "courtesan" shoes - Nine West

I also have a crill, bobbers attached to my shoes (which I stepped on ALL DAY), a toy fishing rod courtesy of my bestie, Laura, a Billy the Big Mouth Bass worn as a backpack (yep, he works, too!), and a fishing cozy for my beer.  My jewelry consists of rubber fishing lure earrings, made by my buddy, Chelsey, and a lovely jade fish necklace (not pictured) that my buddy, Nell, gave me for Christmas.

I hope to see you at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Actual Outfit

Below is what I wore on the TV last week - Tuesday, perhaps?  You'll probably recognize the dress, as most fashion/style bloggers snatched it up from Target:

It's the Mossimo rayon, faux-wrap dress.  Some ladies (like Kendi) got the solid colored dress.  Some ladies (like Kasmira) bought the yellow print version.  I was happy to snatch it up in the blue print.  So pretty!  So water-color-y!


Dudes, seriously.  This is such a short dress!  It wasn't this short when I bought it - sadly, the washer made it so.  Even though I carefully followed the washing directions on the label, it shrunk a good inch in total length.  Even the waist-line shrunk up from my belly-button up to my natural waist (where I indent on the side).  But I still think it looks okay, yes?

Although it is no longer office appropriate, I still wear it for TV and going out.  Because sometimes?  It's okay to flash a little leg.

The Short Story:
Black 3/4 length cardigan: Marshalls
Dress: Target clearance rack for $17.50
Black strappy shoes:  Nine West from 1995 (seriously.)
Silver tassle necklace:  Garage sale

And I promise, I'll post costume pix from last weekend soon.  Honest!

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Kind Of Like Clothing

Well my friends, I'm outta here.  Out of MN, that is.  Me and the Posse are heading to the wilds of Kenosha to bust a move at the Bristol Ren Faire.  This Saturday is their annual Day Of Wrong.  Here is a idea of what I'll be wearing:

My Fishing Opener Courtesan costume.  In this picture, it's about halfway finished - since then I've lengthened the bloomers, hemmed the dress, did a bunch of handstiching, added clasps in the front, grommeted the inside and put in the sleeves (actually, my bestie, Laura, put in the sleeves.  I hate doing that.).  I also decorated my hat and shoes and made straps to afix a Billy the Big Mouth Bass to my back.

Go big or go home.  It's not just my motto, it's a way of life.

On Sunday, I'll be cooling off in my belly-dancing gear:

I made that jingle bra out of 6 yards of trim.  Hand-stitched.  SIX FREAKING YARDS OF IT.  But look, it's so shiny!  The collared vest worn over it prevents me from feeling too naked.  Plus, it's made of my all-time favorite fabric:

Bad-ass chasuble fabric!  Like the Pope wears!

Please excuse the straps hanging down in the back.  I fixed them so they fit correctly, with no dangly bits.

So.  What are YOU wearing this weekend?