Friday, November 4, 2011

A Theme

I like dressing for a theme, whether it's real or imagined.  Wednesday night, I had a meeting with the Minnesota Society of Costumers (I'm a board member) to discuss our Steampunk Christmas Carol party.  So I thought it an appropriate time to bust out a wee bit o'punk:

We gathered at Baker's Square, in order to partake of the FREE PIE:

above:  Happy Bunch of Pie-Eaters.  Um.  That kind of sounds dirty...  And yes, one of our board members Skypes in from Austin, MN.

Of course, meetings at Baker's Square can lead to photo-bombing with pie:

And all situations lead to Too Much RAWK For One Hand:

Steampunk-esque Outfit:
Lace shirt, Target by way of ARC Value Village by way of my bestie, Laura
Olive drab jacket, MASSIVE sale at The Gap over the 4th of July
Tan skinny cargo pants, Target Mossimo brand
Black fold-over boots, Payless Fall 2010

1 comment:

  1. Hee! Love the jacket. I'd happily take a pie-bomb any day, yum!