Monday, November 14, 2011

Same Thing, Different Day

It's the same old story - I'm busy, I haven't taken outfit photos, my back aches, oy my poor feet, damn kids get off my lawn!  In other words, I haven't posted in quite some time.  My bad.

However, I have worn costumes, and I have taken pictures of THEM at least.  So!  Here you go!  More costume pictures.  Hell, at least I'm wearing something, right?  Right?

A week ago Saturday, I worked at the Minnesota Society of Costumers Steampunk Sale.  My other Steampunk costume was at the cleaners, so I wore this:

Um, yeah.  This outfit is a wee bit more bare than I thought it was as I wore it.  But pictures don't lie.  Too much belly!  Not enough, you know, SHIRT.  Ah well, it was comfy and I didn't overheat!

Tiny top hat, Claire's Boutique decorated by me.
Grey half vest, Savers
White half shirt with banded collar, Savers and then cut off by me.
Black knitted hand warmers, some teeny-bopper store in Chicago.
Burgundy velvet bloomers, Opitz Outlet.  They are Triple Five Soul from the Holiday Collection, originally $95 and I got them for $5.
Black patterned tights, ???
Black bull rider boots, Durango via eBay.

Then, last Saturday, I showed the world which football team I loved the best with this number.  I wore it to its first MN event, the MarsCon Masquerade.  Most people loved the costume, if not the team:

My Green Bay Packer Elizabethan court gown.  GO PACK GO!

Homage to the greatest football team in the history of ever:
Cheesehead top hat, Mall of America
Fabric and trims, Mill End and Jo Ann's
Football purse, Jo Ann's
Patterned and sewn by my bestie, Laura, and me.

Here I am with my biggest rival:

And yes, I'm posting this during the Monday Night Football match-up of the Vikings v. Packers!  GO PACK GO!


  1. Hee! You look very cute in both outfits. That dress always makes me giggle. Now let me take a moment to squee over that other lady's shoes because I KNOW those are the Frye Adrienne boots. I have been dreaming of for years~~~ If they aren't they're very close knockoffs.

  2. Just when I thought I couldn't enjoy your blog any more than I was, I found your costume posts! Wow!

    Perhaps it is because of where I'm coming from, but I've always thought of ALL clothes as costumes. Conventional clothes aren't seen that way because they're common, but to me it's just a point on a wider spectrum. So my love of clothes eagerly encompasses a love of costumes. Yours, shown here, are very cute. I love the creativity and freedom allowed in costuming. (When I try to exercise those things with "real clothes," people stare.)